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Bachelor Summer Program

To register, use the form at the bottom of the page.
Please, fill it in by computer (word processor) and send it back before March 22nd

  • What is the Bachelor Summer Program ?

The Bachelor Summer Program gives you the opportunity to study at UJF, obtain credits for your home university and meet students from all over the word! It is also open to French UJF students with whom you will interact daily.

This 6 week program offers scientific courses taught in English and French. You may choose among three scientific topics (physical computing, large scale facilities, biochemistry). Each of them is made up of lessons, tutorials, practical work and scientific visits.

You will discover different aspects of French life through cultural excursions within the city and in its beautiful mountain environment.

“Grenoble is a really pretty city at least with the backdrop of the alps. It was nice that we were in time for different festivals”.

  • When does the Summer Session take place in 2014 ?
From June 2 to July 13, 2014

  • Who is it for ?
It is designed for English speaking undergraduate students from 2nd to 4 th year. A good level in science is required, with different prerequisites for each course. Beginners in French as well as more advanced ones are welcome.

  • Previsional calendar
January : announcement of the scientific courses available, associated fees, on line application opening
March : deadline for application
April : final acceptance

  • Scientific courses
60 hr. courses, 3 different topics:
- Physical Computing
- Large Scale Facilities
- Biochemistry

  • French courses
45 hr. courses and cultural visits

  • Housing

We will take care of housing: you will share a double room in the city students dormitories "La Houille Blanche".

  • Program costs

Approximately 2000 €, food and housing included.
Check with us and your home university for free tuition (partner universities only).
Grants associated with a research institute in Grenoble may also be available.

  • Contact

 BSP 2012                                                               BSP 2013

 BSP 2013

“I enjoyed my 6 weeks as much that I wish to be back to that place for my furthered studies and for living some more years my life”.

“We were given many opportunities to get in touch with very interesting and special people and facilities”.

 More information about the BSP 2013:
[PDF - 484 Ko]

  • version pdf

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