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Bachelor's Degree courses

Bachelor's Degree courses at the Université Joseph Fourier are grouped into three fields :

Qualification type

National Diploma
Level: Bac +3 (3 years of university studies)

It normally takes three years (6 semesters) to obtain a Bachelor's Degree.


Baccalauréat or equivalent (Advanced Secondary Education)

Further study and/or Job opportunities

Master's Degree studies; eligibility for public service profession recruitment competitions.


Students must specialise in one or two disciplines in the third year (L3 - semesters 5 and 6). You will be able to change course in the first year (L1 - semesters 1 and 2) and the second year (L2 - semesters 3 and 4). In certain cases, a specific fourth semester offers pre-orientation towards a Professional Bachelor's Degree specialisation.

Educational approach
The level of education offered as part of a general Bachelor's Degree course (licence généraliste) is not aimed at direct employability in the third year (L3). The Bachelor's Degree offers basic scientific training intended for further study at Master's level or another course at an equivalent level.
Each Bachelor's Degree course consists of one or more specialisations (mentions) and each specialisation has a set of general purpose or applied specialised fields. This allows each student to build up a set of skills gradually over the three years that are perfectly suited to their preferred fields and their career plan. This method makes it much easier to change course/direction.
If you are particularly passionate about a scientific field, you may choose a "mono-disciplinary" course. Each semester, you will have mandatory modules for the chosen Bachelor's Degree specialisation and optional modules to choose from a list offered by the UJF. Many modules are shared by several courses.
If you are undecided or indeed passionate about two different disciplines, or you still need time to think, you may choose a "bi-disciplinary" course. For this type of course, the integration of several mandatory modules from the beginning allows students either to change their choices up until the end of the first four semesters, or to continue studies in 2 disciplines.

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