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Professional Bachelor's Degree courses

The Université Joseph Fourier offers Professional Bachelor's Degree courses in three fields :

Qualification type
National Diploma
Level: Bac +3 (3 years of university studies)

It normally takes one year, starting from a Bac+2 level (2 years of university studies), to obtain a Professional Bachelor's Degree.

Candidates must hold either a Bac +2 level certified diploma, or equivalent, or obtain a certificate to prove professional experience.
Course places are limited and selections are made based on academic records and finally after an interview.

Further study and/or Job opportunities
The Professional Bachelor's Degree is aimed at immediate employability. Further study remains uncommon.

L1-L2 (1st and 2nd year) courses for general Bachelor's Degree courses (licences généralistes) such as a DUT (Diplôme Universitaire de Technologie, French two-year Diploma from a University Institute of Technology) or BTS (Brevet de technicien supérieur, French Advanced Vocational Training Certificate) grant access to a Professional Bachelor's Degree.

In certain cases, a specific fourth semester during a Bachelor's Degree course offers pre-orientation towards a Professional Bachelor's Degree specialisation.

Educational approach

Professional Bachelor's Degrees are not intended for further study to Master's level. Students are trained in particular professions over a period of 1 year through close collaboration between the University and the business world.
These new courses, available to a wide range of people (L2, DUT, BTS), award students with a national diploma, officially recognised as Level 2, in both initial and continued education.
We are closely linked to the business world:

  • Course content is specified according to professions and differs depending on candidates' profiles,
  • Professionals participate in lessons (at least 25%) and examination boards (25 to 50%),
  • The course includes tutored projects and internships (12 to 16 weeks) within companies.

The Professional Bachelor's Degree course provides technological and professional education as well as knowledge and experience of the working world.
The course is taught by a diverse, multi-disciplinary teaching team and contains a significant proportion of specifically oriented lessons, using professional tools and materials as part of practical work.


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