International Joint Units

An International Joint Unit is a laboratory that is located in France or abroad and consists of teams of both French and international researchers working there full time.

  • UMI 3265 UVHCI Unit of Virus Host Cell Interactions with the EMBL and the CNRS
    Director: Stephen Cusack, Deputy Director: Rob Ruigrok
    UJF members: W. Burmeister, E. Drouet, R. Ruigrok, M. Jamin, W. Weissenhorn
    Created in 2007

  • UMI 2955 IPAL Image, Perception, Access and Language with the National University of Singapore, Institute for Infocomm Research: I2R and CNRS Director Daniel Racoceanu
    UJF members: L. Roux
    Created in 2006, renewed in 2010

  • UMI 3175 LAFMIA : Franco-Mexican Computer Science and Automation Laboratory, supervised mainly by the Université de Compiègne, with CONACYT and CINVESTAV Mexico, the G-INP and CNRS Director Genoveva Vargas-Solar in Grenoble (formerly known as LAFMI)
    Created in 2002 as an LIA and then as a UMI in 2007

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