DUT (Diplôme universitaire de technologie)

A DUT is a French two-year Diploma from a University Institute of Technology. The Université Joseph Fourier offers eight DUT specialist fields through the IUT 1 (Institut Universitaire Technologique / University Institute of Technology) within 10 teaching departments.

Qualification type
National Diploma
Level: Bac +2 (two years of university studies)

It normally takes two years to obtain a DUT


  • For French students:
    • French students must hold a Bac or an equivalent diploma. Candidates are selected based on their academic record.
  • For international students:
    • International students must hold a diploma that grants access to higher education in their own country. Candidates are selected based on their academic record.

Further study and/or Job opportunities
The DUT prepares students for careers in technical and professional management in certain production, applied research and service sectors.
Further study after a DUT is not automatic - it is subject to selection (record review, exam, interview etc.).



  • In certain cases, admission to Engineering Schools, following an entry exam or interview and/or assessment of the student's academic record,
  • Access to the 2nd or 3rd year of a general Bachelor's Degree course, following assessment of the student's academic record,
  • Entry into a Professional Bachelor's Degree course in a field that is compatible with that of the diploma obtained,
  • Admission to an IUP (Institut Universitaire Professionnalisé / Professional University Institute).


Educational approach
The DUT is a national diploma officially recognised as Level 3. Course content is both general and professionally oriented. Several internships within companies are carried out during the course. The length and structure of these internships vary depending on the IUT. Students study for the DUT:

  • with initial traditional teaching over two years or as part of an apprenticeship,
  • during a special year for one year,
  • on a work/study basis by integrating a variable number of modules depending on approved professional experience,
  • over three years for top sportspeople.

Persons holding a DUT are destined for employability within careers in technical management. Graduates may pursue further education either in France or abroad.