Medical courses

Qualification type
National Diploma

Medical studies contain four different parts for which the total duration is 9 to 11 years.

Baccalauréat (Advanced Secondary Education)

Further study and/or Job opportunities

Part of the course may, possibly, be approved with a view to re-orientation towards other courses offered by the University. Access to double Master's Degrees is possible throughout the study period.

Educational approach
Theoretical and practical medical studies are offered by the Faculties of Medicine. They allow students to participate efficiently in hospital activities within General Hospitals and University Hospitals before pursuing a profession in the public or private medical sector.

First year 
This year is used to select the students who will be admitted to continue their medical studies. This is common practice in the study of medicine, pharmacy, odontology and maieutics (midwifery).

Two years of pre-clinical studies
These two years are dedicated to:

  • complementing and broadening knowledge pertaining to biological disciplines
  • learning about semiotics
  • gaining useful knowledge
  • learning about medical practice.

Practical internships help to put these objectives into context.

Three years of clinical studies
These three years are dedicated to the study of pathological processes, their treatment and how to prevent them, as well as the study of the organisation of health systems, the assessment of healthcare practices, professional ethics and medical liability.

Three to five years of specialisation
During the third cycle, students learn their future profession by practicing it in a hospital environment under the supervision of department heads. Students are given the title of interne ('House Officer' in British English, perhaps otherwise more commonly known internationally as an 'intern').
By successfully completing this cycle, students obtain the Diplôme d'Etat de docteur en médecine (State Diploma of Doctor of Medicine).
Part of the medical studies can be undertaken outside of France, particularly for internships abroad.

Medical studies